Sunday, December 7, 2008

Symbolism and Art

The artists, in order, are:
Gustave Moreau
Gustav Klimt
Fernand Khnopff
Tivadar Kosztka Czontváry
Arnold Böcklin

Symbolism is described by Symbolists as art which is geared towards absolute truths but in the metaphorical ideal.

My questions for you are which of these artists best exemplifies that definition? Also, who living today, in your opinion, best exemplifies this definition (the individual does not need to be an artist)? How much Symbolism is used in art and literature today--is it too much, or too little?



elpursuit said...

"Upon Jack and Jill, Epigram"

When Jill complains to Jack for lack of meat,
Jack kisses Jill, and bids her freely eat.
Jill says, Of what? Says Jack, On that sweet kiss,
Which full of nectar and ambrosia is,
The food of poets. So I thought, says Jill;
That makes them look so lank, so ghost-like still.
Let poets feed on air or what they will;
Let me feed full till that I fart, says Jill.

(Robert Herrick)

Reading this made me think of you for some raisin.

It also seems like an archetypal interchange between the "S" and the "N" type.


elpursuit said...
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