Sunday, December 7, 2008

Symbolism and Art

The artists, in order, are:
Gustave Moreau
Gustav Klimt
Fernand Khnopff
Tivadar Kosztka Czontváry
Arnold Böcklin

Symbolism is described by Symbolists as art which is geared towards absolute truths but in the metaphorical ideal.

My questions for you are which of these artists best exemplifies that definition? Also, who living today, in your opinion, best exemplifies this definition (the individual does not need to be an artist)? How much Symbolism is used in art and literature today--is it too much, or too little?


Friday, August 17, 2007

I did it!

Obviously no one reads my blogs, but I'll type this anyway.

1,322 decisively influential people in Western Civilization from 800 a.d. to the present. Now somehow need to cut 322 out of there.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coffee Shops

San Marcos, Tx:
Coffee Pot

Austin, Tx:
Spider House Cafe
Ruta Maya

New York, Ny:
Caffe Reggio
Cafe Esperanto
MUD Coffee
Verb Cafe

New Orleans, La:
Cafe du Monde

San Francisco, Ca:
Caffe Trieste

Athens, Ga:
Jittery Joe's

Cafe de Flore
Les Deux Magots

Caffe Florian

Cafe Josty

Cafe Central

Buenos Aires:
Cafe Tortoni

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stats from Facebook.

Top Music:
Austin- Coldplay
New Orleans - R&B
Boston- Sublime
London- The Killers
Texas State U.- Jack Johnson
Harvard U.- Coldplay

Top Interests:
Austin- Music
New Orleans- Music
Boston- Music
NYC- Music
London- Music
Texas State U.- Music
Harvard- Music

Top Books:
Austin- Harry Potter
New Orleans- The Bible
Boston- Harry Potter
NYC- Harry Potter
London- Harry Potter
Texas State U.- The Bible
Harvard- Harry Potter (this is sad)

Top Movies:
Austin- Fight Club
New Orleans- The Notebook
Boston- The Departed
NYC- Scarface
London- Pulp Fiction
Texas State U.- Wedding Crashers
Harvard U.- Little Miss Sunshine

Top TV:
Austin- Family Guy
New Orleans- Family Guy
Boston- Family Guy
NYC- Family Guy
London- Friends
Texas State U.- Family Guy
Harvard- Grey's Anatomy

Political Views:
Austin- Liberal
New Orleans- Other
Boston- Liberal
NYC- Liberal
London- Other
Texas State U.- Conservative (this is why I'm so lonely here)
Harvard- Liberal